How To Apply Design Thinking To Fitness For Outstanding Strength

As many of you know, fitness can be an infinitely complex topic. With many of the best fitness sites devoted to science based training practices there are tons of evidence based resources floating around the web. The problem with some of these informational outlets is that they often have tens or hundreds of articles that discuss the most important science based training and diet practices. Another problem is that many of these articles are written by highly intelligent, articulate, well … [Read more...]

Fix low Back Pain a Quick and Lasting Solution

Experts Opinions On Deadlift Variations For Back Pain and Max Strength: Recently, the last year off and on, I have been experiencing lower back pain whenever I began to incorporate heavy deadlifts into my training.  I would attempt to ramp up the weight over the course of a few weeks, and without exception I would begin to feel some tightness in my lower back.  After ramping up for a few weeks and then  experiencing muscle strains in my lower back I began to realize that I was having a … [Read more...]