Everything We Know So Far is about physique training, and maximizing sex appeal with your body.  This site is dedicated to showing people how to increase their sex appeal by enhancing their physique.  Some people say this is vain, shallow, conceited, and an all around lousy goal.  This site is not for those people.

In the coming months we look forward to bringing you some of the best articles and interviews on the topic of physique enhancement and sex appeal.  Many authors have written about this topic and already provide some great advice.  Unfortunately most physique enhancement and fitness sites do not place enhancing looking good as a primary goal.  This really is a shame.  Looking good is the most functional fitness goal.  Anyone who is not primarily concerned with training for a specific sport or competition should focus their efforts in the gym on looking good /maximizing sex appeal.  It will get you more respect and just make you feel good! 


What Kind Of Physiques Represent The Best of The Best in terms of physical attractiveness?   While this range spans the spectrum from “regular” to “muscular”, we believe they are all representative of close to “ideal”.  The below physiques all closely conform to the measurements shown over and over to be deemed “attractive” by people of all different genders all over the world!


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