What Is The Best BMI for Natural Physique Athletes?

In this article we are going to take a look at some arguments for the ideal body mass index for physique athletes.  I am going to discuss a few different points of view and then give you my recommendations for the best body mass index. These recommendations are built off of well established strength levels and body fat measurements for natural body builders.  My goal with this article is to give you some realistic targets to shoot for in your quest to become lean and strong. One thing to … [Read more...]

The #1 Thing You Need To Focus On To Start Losing Fat Quickly

In this article I'm going to talk about why the micronutrient density of your diet is the number one thing you need to focus on to lose body fat and  weight.  Before I get into the details of what this article is about, it's important to discuss what this article is not about as giving recommendations for fat loss can be a loaded topic in the fitness industry. This article will not give a blanket recommendation for any dietary system popularized by another author.  This article is my own … [Read more...]