Personal Trainer to Online Fitness Celebrity with Dell Farrell

“I’m big on habit change, the art of coaching and getting people to stick with it long term”

[01:26] “Changing The Game” – Vegas fitness convention

[05;30] Who Dell wanted to target with her online presence

[08:15] Connecting with Alan Aragon and the importance of quality content

[11:00] Dells Product with Greg O’Gallagher

[16:50] How Dell originally decided on pricing

[22:48] What Dell likes to read to improve writing

[26:41] Any reservations Dell had prior to starting online

[33:30] How Dell met Dick Talons and how you can meet influencers

[36:55] Advice to people just starting out and lessons learned from Dell’s Journey

[40:30] Unexpected sources of traffic from Pinterest and Instagram

[42:22] Where to find Dell currently
Changing The Game Fitness convention
On Writing Well
The Master and his Emissary
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