Fix low Back Pain a Quick and Lasting Solution

Experts Opinions On Deadlift Variations For Back Pain and Max Strength: Recently, the last year off and on, I have been experiencing lower back pain whenever I began to incorporate heavy deadlifts into my training.  I would attempt to ramp up the weight over the course of a few weeks, and without exception I would begin to feel some tightness in my lower back.  After ramping up for a few weeks and then  experiencing muscle strains in my lower back I began to realize that I was having a … [Read more...]

Personal Trainer to Online Fitness Celebrity with Dell Farrell "I'm big on habit change, the art of coaching and getting people to stick with it long term" [01:26] "Changing The Game" - Vegas fitness convention [05;30] Who Dell wanted to target with her online presence [08:15] Connecting with Alan Aragon and the importance of quality content [11:00] Dells Product with Greg O'Gallagher [16:50] How Dell originally decided on pricing [22:48] What Dell likes to read to improve writing [26:41] … [Read more...]