Robert Walker Successful Blogger as a College Sophmore

In this Episode I talk to Robert Walker of TheBloggingshow and 4kblogging.  Robert started his blogging career at 15 years old with a guest post on his brother Chris’s website  Robert also started his own blogs which have all had varying levels of success.  Robert really took his career to the next level when he was given the opportunity to revive the email list for  TheBloggingShow focuses on teaching first time bloggers how to set up their blogs, how to get traffic, and how to plan their content creation strategy.

Currently Robert is running TheBloggingShow and taking a full course load as a second year engineering student.  He talks about the demands of having a blog to run while going to school.  The information Robert shares is especially applicable to anyone that is thinking about getting into blogging part time as he has had to deal with a tremendous amount of pressure being individually responsible for the performance of TheBloggingShow.


Show Notes:

[00:45] Where Robert was when he got started with blogging

[02:30] How Robert continued learning about blogging while in high school

[04:22] Resurrecting a cold email list, how he did it

[05:10] Getting people to come back to the email list

[07:10] Strategy to build traffic to his new blog from 4k Blogging

[09:30] Guest blogging and new social media

[13:00]The next step for social media

[15:08] Fears and doubts about getting into blogging

[19:00] How Robert deals with telling family and friends about his “job”

[22:30] Resources that Robert used while learning

[28:10] Take aways from the overall experience so far

[29:35] Using a free course with affiliate links instead of paid products

[31:05] Robert’s side project to make money through corporate web design

[33:15] How Robert is making money on TheBloggingShow (TBS) and 4kBlogging

[36:00] What has been the most beneficial in the BlogIgnition course

[40:05] Ways to reach Robert and find out more about his work

[42:30] Parting words of wisdom from Robert Walker


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