Accountant to one of Fitocracy’s 30 under 30 Online Fitness Celebrities

“Bro I literally had less then a base in all of that, I didn’t know anything”

Mike Vicanti started his online personal training brand after a bad breakup and a decision to change jobs.  At the time he was living in Minneapolis and was working at a Major accounting firm.  Mike decided that what he was doing was not for him and that he needed to make a change.  He decided to quit his job and focus on his physique and his future and created what became one of the top new fitness blogs in the industry.  Mike is here today to discuss a little bit about how he made that transition and what it took for him to get his blog and his business of the ground.  You can find his online coaching page here which has multiple options for both long and short term coaching options.

[0:45] Setting the stage for why he left his day job

[1:20] The girlfriend situation

[2:30] What gave him the confidence to quit his job

[4:15] Modeling his business off other people

[5:18] Drawing out a schematic for his site

[6:22] Why Mike just does stuff and dosent talk about it

[8:35] Booking a one way flight to NYC to interview for John Romaniello
[10:17] The point where Mike decided he wasnt doing an office job ever again

[11:46] The sacrifices that Mike made, restricting lifestyle to manage risk

[13:18] Suggestions from Mike, what you can learn from his mistakes

[15:45] Mike Vaccanti about what he was doing when he got the internship.

[16:50] Mike’s current offerings for online coaching.

[17:22] @MikeViccanti on instagram