From Microbiologist to Full Time Food Blogger

“after graduating I was just working at Whole Foods trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life”


Beth Moncel (@Budget_Bytes) is the owner and creator of a blog dedicated to “keeping your stomach full and your wallet too”.  Beth began BudgetBytes while she was studying to become a microbiologist.  She used her unique  angle on food blogging to eventually attract the attention of Penguin Books who signed her for her first book Budget Bytes “over 100 easy, delicious recipes to slash your grocery bill in half“.  Since then Beth has move out of the job she was working in to focus full time on expanding the Budget Bytes brand as well as her product offerings.


[1:20] Introductions

[2:06] Situation upon starting blog

[3:16] Why she maintained part time

[4:00] How Beth has gotten referrals

[5:15] Ad platforms Beth has used for her site

[6:51] Making the transition from full time work

[8:39] Schedule working when she was building the blog

[9:25] Book deal with Penguin

[10:25] Resources that Beth Used (

[12:01] Personal Advice for building a blog

[13:05] Beth’s mindset when starting the blog

[14:10] Beth’s opinion of what keeps people from starting

[15:25] Budgeting and expenses

[17:20] moving from shared to self hosting

[20:20] Beth’s Products and where to find her






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